Our Story

This all started out as an idea that so happened to become something much bigger than myself. The enjoyment of creating a scent that draws back happy, loving, and gentle memories was my goal in forming this business. Through my love for candles, essential oils, and soaps that cleanse the soul I couldn't be more excited to share this love with the world.

I pride myself in the hand-craftmanship, gentle &loving production, and accessible prices. My hope is that with each product I can provide a sensory experience like no other.

With love, Netta.

Meet, Netta.

Starting your own business is never easy. We took on the challenge and decided to start small. Click here to learn more about how Netta conquered her fears, and opened her first business!

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...something much bigger than myself"

Featured: Sweet Melon, in our rose gold tumbler jar, 11oz

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