It’s All In The Butter, Baby!

It’s All In The Butter, Baby!

LISTEN HONEY! It's's all in the butter baby! 

And when I tell you I crafted up the most luxurious smelling, smooth feeling, soft touching butter you've ever felt I mean it. If you've made the purchase, please feel free to leave a review. I'd love to hear how it turned out. Now, on to how I use these throughout my daily routine. In this blog I've incorporated some video footage to show the smoothness as well. If you follow us on our socials you've probably seen these videos there, but if not... tap in with us! See our socials for a full video or below for a mini guide❤️

Quick Guide: 

1. Open your face &palm butter and put a little on your palm

2. Apply the butter to the desired area and moisturize 

3. Take a moment to enjoy the sweet smell of our essential oil then rinse (if desired or leave on as moisturizer)

4. If rinsed then dry by lightly dabbing a dry cloth or towel to allow room for moisturization

5. Violaaaaa✨

All done, and please leave a review if you've enjoyed this product!





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